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Project updates - February 16, 2008:

Barn Source Updates | Area Source Updates

Barn Source Monitoring:

Continuous monitoring data is being
  collected from about 2,300 sensors by computerized data acquisition systems.
All sites are collecting valid air
  emission data.
Purdue audits were conducted at all
  sites between August, 2007 and January, 2008.
EPA site audits were conducted for four sites
  in September, 2007.
Daily review of data is being conducted for all barn
  monitoring sites.
Data collected in 2007 is being processed for
  submittal to EPA.


Area Source Monitoring:

The first round of measurements have been started and/or
  completed at eight of nine sites.
The EPA audit was conducted at the Indiana site.
Sept. - Nov. marks the beginning of rotations around the
  farms for the two mobile-trailer teams.

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