Accepted Presentations

The following works will be presented at FIT in June. Stay tuned for brief writeups of the ideas and a presentation schedule!

Call for Submissions (Closed)

We are looking for new ideas, insights, concepts and problem formulations, not for definitive and polished answers to long-standing problems. Speakers will have to convince the audience with insights that their forward-looking idea is worth thinking about. Here are some very general guidelines for a "fit" submission:

  • A description of a genuinely forward-looking, radical and innovative idea in the area of programming language design and implementation. We're looking for new ideas, not small deltas.
  • Controversy is good. Submissions that seem likely to generate interesting discussions are preferred.
  • A writeup of one page (PDF please).
Submitted papers will be made available online.

Important Dates:

  • Submission deadline: April 29th, 11:59pm PDT
  • Notification of acceptance: May 13th

Please send submissions by the deadline to Include a complete list of authors, their affiliations and contact information (e.g., address, telephone number, and email address), and please identify the corresponding author for your submission.


Presentations at FIT will be selected from the submissions by a small committee: