Week 14 - Simulation with SLAM II


Review the introduction to SLAM II document - note we will be running and modifying some very simple SLAM code. The important portion is to understand the general concepts - not all of the detail of SLAM.

Review the example SLAM code and run.

Grain Elevator Simulation Problem - We'll do this in class

The grain elevator was described in previous links. Using the model given above as the starting point, answer the following questions. Use the average for 10 days of simulations in answering the questions.
  1. Draw (on paper) the SLAM network diagram (see the introduction to SLAM links above for help).
  2. What is the utilization of the unloading activity?
  3. For the 10 day period simulated, what was the high and the low utilization for the unloading activity? What is the cause of this variation?
  4. What is the utilization of the unloading activity if a second identical unloading service is added?
  5. Due to increased yields the arrival rate of loads of grain is expected to be 15 per hour. Can the current setup accommodate the expected increase? Would 2 identical unloading service activities accommodate this increase? Use simulation results to explain your answer. (Note questions 4 and 5 require very minor modifications to the SLAM code.)