Babak Ziaie
Office: BRK 2023
(bziaie at purdue dot edu)
Office Hours: Tue,Thu 11am-12pm, in EE 332
or by appointment
(Section: 2 Prof. Babak Ziaie)
Chetas Joshi
(joshic at purdue dot edu)
Office Hours: M,W 10:30am-1:30pm, F 11am-1pm in MSEE 180
Minsuk Koo
(koom at purdue edu)
Office Hours: Tue,Thu 12pm-3pm, Fri 12pm-2pm in MSEE 180
Tue,Thu 12pm-1:15pm, WTHR 104

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  • 1/13/15: Class Website updated:
  • 1/15/15: Reading assignment 1 and HW 1 are out
  • 1/16/15: Reading assignment 2 and HW 2 are out
  • 1/25/15: PSpice ppt has been posted on Readings/Handout page
  • 1/27/15: In HW2, 3.6 (a) and (b) won't be graded as the latest edition doesn't have them
  • 1/27/15: Reading assignment 3 and HW 3 are out
  • 1/30/15: 2012 Exam and a practice exam with solutions have been posted
  • 2/9/15: Reading assignment 5 and HW5 are out
  • 2/12/15: Midterm 1 Mean: 5.68, High:9, Low:1, Std:1.62
  • 2/18/15: Reading assignment 6 and HW6 are out
  • 3/10/15: CB configuration problem
  • 4/6/15: Exam3 notes: amplifier configs and cascode
  • Course syllabus
  • Syllabus (click here)
  • Course Information
    Diode, bipolar transistor, and FET circuit models for design and analysis of electronic circuits. Single and multistage analysis and design; introduction to digital circuits. Computer aided design calculations, amplifier operating point design, and frequency response of single and multistage amplifiers.
    High frequency and low frequency designs are emphasized.
    EE 201
    Basic circuit analysis including Ohm’s and Kirchoff’s Laws, loop and nodal analysis, Thevenin and Norton equivalents, sinusoidal forcing functions, phasors, impedance and admittance
    Required Textbook
    Microelectronic Circuits, 6th Edition, Adel S. Sedra and Kenneth C. Smith, 2010.
    Homework 5%
    SPICE Projects 5%
    Exam #1 15% (2/5/2015) (Thursday) 6:30-7:30 pm CL50 224
    Exam #2 15% (3/12/2015) (Thursday) 8-9 pm WTHR 200
    Exam #3 15% (4/8/2015) (Wednesday) 6:30-7:30 pm WTHR 200
    Final 45% (5/7/2015) (Thursday) 7-9 pm EE 129
    Incomplete HW and Exam Policies
    1)Incomplete grade is only for students who do most of the required work and at the end of the semester due to a well-documented emergency can not finish the course.
    2) You are allowed to collaborate on the HWs but keep it to a reasonable amount.
    3) No make-up exams will be given.
    4) Only in well-documented emergency situations I will allow a student to take the exam at a different time, no other excuses are accepted.
    Hunting, fishing, family reunions, fraternity events are not considered emergencies.