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Alternative Energy Grid Integration and Systems (AEGIS) research


Our team forms the "Alternative Energy Grid Integration and Systems (AEGIS)" group. The mission of the AEGIS group is to energize the world with abundant, renewable electricity via disruptive power conversion technologies.

Prof. Aliprantis' research interests are related to electromechanical energy conversion, with emphasis on electric machinery (their modeling, simulation, and design), power electronics (particularly machine drives), applications of automatic control to power electronics-based systems, and the analysis of power systems. More recently his work has focused on technologies that enable the integration of renewable energy sources in the electric power system, and the electrification of transportation.

Here is a link to our publications in Google scholar.

Current research projects:

NSF CyberSEES, “A New Reliability-Assuring Computational Framework for Grid Operations under High Renewable Penetration”
“Quantifying Uncertainties in Electric Machine Design”
Grainger Center for Electric Machinery and Electromechanics

Past research projects:

“Hybrid Modeling Capability for Aircraft Electrical Propulsion Systems”
PC Krause and Associates (NASA STTR Phase-I), 6/10/2016–6/9/2017
“Control of Interior Permanent Magnet Motor Drive Using Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Devices”
Deere & Company, 10/15/2015–8/14/2016, co-PI with S. Pekarek
DOE Graduate Automotive Technology Education (GATE) Center of Excellence, Hoosier Heavy Hybrid Center of Excellence, “Optimal Design of Asymmetric Switched Reluctance Motor Drives for Heavy Hybrids”
NSF CAREER, “Sculpting Electric Machines for Unidirectional Motion”
“Exploiting Emerging Data for Enhanced Load Modeling”
Power Systems Engineering Research Center (PSERC) project S-49, Aug. 2012–Jul. 2013, co-PI with Santiago Grijalva, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Ali Abur, Northeastern University
ARPA-e GENI, “Improved Power System Operations Using Advanced Stochastic Optimization”
Sandia National Laboratories, Univ. of California-Davis, Alstom Grid, ISO-NE, and ISU. 3/1/2012–2/28/2014
NSF DUE TUES, “Development of a New Power Electronics Curriculum Relevant to Tomorrow's Power Engineering Challenges”
co-PI with M. Saeedifard (Purdue University). 10/1/2011–9/30/2012
NSF IGERT, “A New PhD Program in Wind Energy Science, Engineering and Policy”
PI: J. McCalley. 9/1/2011–8/31/2013. Program Web site
“A National Transmission Overlay”
Power Systems Engineering Research Center (PSERC)/DOE Future Grid Initiative, Aug. 2011–Aug. 2013, co-PI with J. McCalley, Iowa State University
“Integrated Retail and Wholesale Power System Operation with Smart-Grid Functionality”
Electric Power Research Center (EPRC), ISU, Aug. 2010–July 2013, co-PI with L. Tesfatsion. Project Web site
“Low-Frequency Transmission for Wind Farm Power”
Power Systems Engineering Research Center (PSERC) project S-42, Aug. 2010–Aug. 2012, co-PI with Sakis Meliopoulos, Georgia Institute of Technology
“Advanced Dispatch for Hybrid Wind Systems”
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy, 2/3/2009– 3/30/2010, co-PI with R. Dai, V. Ajjarapu, and J. McCalley.
NSF EFRI-RESIN, “21st Century National Energy and Transportation Infrastructures: Balancing Sustainability, Costs, and Resiliency (NETSCORE-21)”
PI: J. McCalley. Co-PIs: K. Gkritza, A. Somani, and L. Wang, 9/15/2008–8/31/2012. Project Web site
“CODELESS: Configurable DEvices for Large-scale Energy System Simulation”
Information Infrastructure Institute (ICube), ISU, Jan.–May 2008, and Electric Power Research Center (EPRC), ISU, Aug. 2008–, co-PI with Prof. J. Zambreno
“Optimization of Stator Tooth Geometry and Magnetic Material Properties for Enhanced Torque Production in Electric Machines”
PC Krause and Associates, Inc., 8/1/2007–12/2/2007

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