Undergraduate-Level Classes:

Spring 2022 ECE301: Signals and Systems. (previously offered in F06, S08, F08, S10, F10, F11, S12, F12, S14 (both sections), F14, S15, F15, F16, F17, F18, F19 (two sections), F20 (four sections), S21 (two sections), F21)

Spring 2019 ECE302: Probabilistic Methods in Electrical and Computer Engineering (previously offered in S06, S07, S09, S11, S16, S17)

Spring 2022 ECE495T, 495U, 495V: The Beyond 5G team of Vertically Integrated Projects, jointly with Profs. Krogmeier and Love. (previously offered in F08, S09, F09, S10, F10, S11, F11, S12, F12, S14, S15, F15, S16, F16, S17, F17, S18, F19, S20, F20, S21, F21)

ECE402: Senior Project Designs (offered in S14, S18, S19, S20)
Purdue EPICS (offered in F11)



Graduate-Level Classes:

Spring 2012 ECE695C: Inference Methods for Codes on Graph (previously offered in F07, and F09)