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The Artist

Jeff Laramore has a rich background in design and communication. Over the course of his career, he has received national recognition for works in many mediums. In the past decade, he has focused on three-dimensional, site-specific executions that strive to bring people together, while capturing and embodying a spirit of place. Jeff’s public artworks have integrated many different materials, including water, glass, bronze, aluminum, steel and others. Reflecting a thorough understanding of space and environment, the pieces balance abstraction with accessibility—refining a community’s shared history into simple forms with layers of meaning. Long before choosing materials (and often before a site is selected), Jeff begins his creative process by collaborating with project decision-makers—including landscape architects, developers, architects, fabricators, planners and civic leaders. Once a location is chosen, he sets about researching both his subject and its environment. To gain an even more thorough understanding of the area’s heritage, Jeff studies the geography of the site, noting how the public interacts with it. Only then does he begin his design; eventually overseeing the fabrication of a work that both reflects and contributes to the cultural texture of its surroundings.

Our Partners


The Indiana Space Grant Consortium is an organization created to carry out education, research, and public outreach activities in science, math, engineering, and technology related to space, aeronautics, aviation, and Earth system science. INSGC has worked as a project partner for the Purdue University EPICS team, VOSS, providing support, funding, and outreach opportunities.


The Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) program brings together teams of undergraduate students to design, build and deploy real systems to solve engineering-based problems for local community service and education organizations. The VOSS sculpture with accompanying materials is an EPICS project. Founded at Purdue in 1995 by the College of Engineering and modeled by other universities across the globe, EPICS consists largely of engineering students but has expanded to include students in all disciplines.

Discovery Park

Discovery Park is Purdue's hub for interdisciplinary and translational research, conceived as a place where scholars from all disciplines could work together to define whole new areas of research and solve grand challenges.

Smock Fansler

Smock Fansler Corporation has contributed to the beauty of communities by constructing fountains, parks, open spaces, and recreational facilities.