For this project a two player pinball machine was created. The origin of this idea was to try and create a new and exciting twist on the classic game of pinball. Using games such as football and air hockey were inspiration to create a 2 sided player vs player pinball called PvPinball. This concept allowed for a design that would meet the requirements for two non-trivial motions and a electrical component in the toy which was achieved with both the flipper mechanism and the automated obstacles. The playing field consists of two inclined sides with a Purdue side and IU side going against each as a rivalry. Both have symmetrical sides with obstacles designed to make the game more challenging these include spinners and a wall that moves up and down the the playing field. The goal is to get the pinball into the opposing sides goal using the flipper mechanisms. The flipper operates using a large bolt with a cap acting as button to push the bottom of the flipper mechanism to operate the paddles on top that hit the ball. When the button is released an anchored rubber band is used to pull the flipper mechanism back to its original resting position. The obstacles involve a turbine shaped spinner that can spin freely when hit by the ball due to being mounted on a bearing and the other obstacle was an electrically operated mechanism that cause walls to move up and down the playing field by using turning gears underneath. The final prototype involved a base built from ¼’’ plywood with the mechanisms of obstacles being made with a combination of 3D-printed parts, nuts, bolts and various other materials. The prototype proved to be functional and a fun game to play.