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Introduction to Electric & Magnetic Fields
ECE311 EMF Videos
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ECE 311 EMF Videos

Introduction to Electric and Magnetic Fields

Static Charge

Voltaic Pile

Electroscope and Electrostatic Induction

Electric Flux and the Faraday Ice Pail Experiment

Faraday and Electric Flux

Gauss Law

Divergence Part 1

Divergence Part 2


Franklins Bells

Rotary Electrostatic Motor

Faraday Cage

Van de Graaff generator

Maximum Voltage of a Van de Graaff generator

Leyden jar and dielectric breakdown

Curvature and Charge Density

Changing plate spacing of a Capacitor

Changing the Dielectric in a Capacitor

Method of Images

force on a moving charge in a magnetic field

Magnetic field of a bar magnet

Measuring the Earth's Magnetic Field

Electromagnetic Rotator

Magnetic Field from a Current Carrying Coil

Force between current carrying coils

Demonstration of Diamagnetism & Paramagnetism

Magnetic Field Intensity of a Straight Wire

Simple Motor with a Permanent Magnet


Simple Motor with an Electromagnet

Linear Motor

Magnetic Field Intensity from an Infinite Sheet of Current

Curl Part 1

Curl Part 2

Electromagnetic Induction

Further Demonstrations of Electromagnetic Induction

Faraday Flashlight

AC generator

Eddy Currents

Eddy Currents and Magnetic Braking of a Pendulum

Eddy Currents and Magnetic Braking

Styrofoam Cup Loudspeaker

Energy and Potential

Electric Dipoles and the Polarization Field

Gradient of potential

Youngs Double Slit Experiment

Photoelectric Effect and Wave-particle Duality of EMWs


Ruhmkorff, Spark, or Ignition Coil

Faraday's Law Example 1

Faraday's Law Example 2

Refraction and Total Internal Reflection

General form of UPW

Color Vision

Review Exam 1

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