Hesameddin Ilatikhameneh

Hesam's Biography

Hesameddin Ilatikhameneh got his BSc from KNTU University in 2005 and  his MSc from Sharif University, Tehran, Iran in 2007. After graduation he has developed a general purpose Partial Differential Equation solver software. He has previously worked on the simulation of HEMT transistor, PECVD fabrication process and flux flow in HTc superconductors. 

From 2011 he is a PhD student at Purdue University in Prof. Klimeck's group. He conducts research on ultra-scaled transistors to predict and optimize the effects of novel materials and geometries for future technology. He is currently a member of NEMO5 (NanoElectronics MOdeling Tool) team and has worked on developing quantum transport, strain, mode-space, and phonon solvers for this Tool. He has been an active member of LEAST project with the purpose of realizing steep subthreshold devices.

Steep subthreshold devices:

  1. Graphene and TMD material TFETs [1-3]
  2. Propose dynamic band gap field effect transistor [4-5]
  3. Nitride hetero structures TFETs [6-9]

Analytic model development:

  1. Model for ultra-scaled tunnel FETs [10-11]
  2. Scaling theory of electrically doped 2D tunnel FETs [12]

Ultra scaled MOSFETs:

  1. Modeling the challenges in ultra-scaled MOSFETs and propose the solution [13-14]


  1. Implement a general algorithm for atomistic relaxation in NEMO5
  2. Implement strained transport in NEMO5
  3. Implement strained transport in NEMO5


  1. Implement a general algorithm for dynamical matrix in NEMO5
  2. Phonon transport [19]
  3. Phonon unfolding of random alloys [18]


  1. Implement a generic mode space solver for tight binding Hamiltonians and VFF phonons in NEMO5

Patent application:

  1. Hesameddin Ilatikhameneh, Rajib Rahman, and Gerhard Klimeck, "Dielectric Engineered Tunnel Field-Effect Transistor," US-patent application 62/197,513
  2. H. ILATIKHAMENEH, T. AMEEN, B. NOVAKOVIC, R. RAHMAN, AND G. KLIMECK, "Tunnel field effect transistor having anisotropic effective mass channel", US-patent application filed on 4/4/2016.