Advanced C Programming

Autumn 2015 :: ECE 264 :: Purdue University

This is for Fall 2015 (6 years ago)
Due 11/8

Test-driven development

This assignment is a precursor to hw10 . Please read those instructions first.

Minor changes to requirements might be made on 11/5/2015.


Create a text file called plan.txt and write out at least 12 proposed stages for your TDD process to complete hw10 . For each test case, give a short sentence explaining what functionality will be added (e.g., "Stage 07: Sort a list of size 1.").

The test cases should start with "Stage 00: …" and follow a possible development path leading to a complete implementation of the specified functions.


  1. Proposed test cases are expected to adhere to the constraints given in the requirements in hw10
  2. One file is required: plan.txt
  3. Your proposed test cases must be your own.

This assignment will be human-graded.

How much work is this?

This assignment is expected to take <2 hours, and probably <1 hour for those who have been dilligently following TDD throughout the semester. (Your mileage my vary. Do not depend on this estimate.) You will need to read the assignment description for hw10 and think creatively about how you will tackle it.


11/5: Added 2nd paragraph of instructions