Advanced C Programming

Autumn 2015 :: ECE 264 :: Purdue University

This is for Fall 2015 (7 years ago)



Tutorial: OpenVim

Vim Adventures

Reference sheet from

Reference sheet by Tsung-Hsiang Chang

C programming

C Programming Tips by Philip Guo

variadic functions from GNU

variadic functions from

printf from U of Toronto by Alan J. Rosenthal

#include guards from Wikipedia

number bases videos from Khan Academy

number bases from PurpleMath

number base calculator from Cleave Books

fputc from The Open Group

gdb from Richard M. Stallman

memory segments from Wikipedia - defines stack, heap, data segment, bss, text segment

struct from Wikipedia - good level of detail for ECE 264

struct initialization syntax in C99 from Dave Dribin - advanced, but nice examples

array and struct initialization syntax in C99 from GCC documentation - advanced

Craft of programming

The Pragmatic Programmer book by Hunt & Thomas

The Pragmatic Programmer - Quick Reference blog post by Jeff Atwood - FREE

Code snippets

class - updated in real-time during lecture

office hours

Note: I use an editor like a chalkboard. As such, these may be rough. Impromptu illustrations may sometimes contain bugs. No attempt will be made at organizing these or post-editing. They are posted here to aid students who were in lecture and wish to review what we discussed.