A Skin-Contact-Actuated Dispense/Pump for Transdermal Drug Delivery

phase change - micropump - drug delivery

Our group has developed a variety of micropump devices based on skin contact actuation for controllable transdermal drug delivery. Liquid to vapor phase-change of low boiling point fluorocarbon compounds is employed as the actuation mechanism, requiring no other external power source than the body heat. The induced actuation can result to a gradient of 1000 Pa/oC which is sufficient to drive liquid drug through microneedle arrays. Flowrate performance of 28.8 μL/min and 28.9 kPa backpressure has been illustrated. Single as well as multiple dosage is feasible with the use of unidirectional flap valves. The developed devices exhibit low fabrication costs, employment of biocompatible materials and battery-less operation, making them ideal single- or multiple-use transdermal drug dispensers.