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Sew-and-transfer fabrication

A sewing machine is used to create zigzag wire patterns with LEDS, which are subsequently transferred to an elastomeric substrate. The interconnects with LEDS can be stretched up to 500% strain without loss of conductivity.

Wireless power scavenging

Rap music is used to vibrate a piezoelectric receiver inside a water-filled balloon for omni-directional wireless power scavenging.

Tape as a smart bilayer material

Laser-machined MagicTapeTM walking on an acrylic ratcheted surface in response to a cyclic steam source.
Laser-machined MagicTapeTM spelling Purdue rises in response to a humid surface.
A gripper made of tape closes under water within 7 minutes.
Tape deflects in response to steam currents. Laser-ablated locations behave as hinges and exhibit a stronger repsonse to humidity changes.