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VISE Laboratory
Video and Image Systems Engineering

General Information

Campus Map (MSEE 184)
Profile of the VISE Program
Overview of VISE Program
VISE Laboratory Rules

Lab Computer Resources

VISE Account Initialization
Printing in the VISE Lab
What to do if Your Computer Freezes
Using VISE Workstations Remotely

VISE Educational Laboratories

ECE438L: Digital Signal Processing with Applications
Graduate Level Digital Image Processing Laboratories
Demonstration Lab: Introduction to Signal and Image Processing
ScienceScape Lab: Electrical and Audio Signals

Mobile Communications Projects

VISE Related Courses

ECE438: Digital Signal Processing with Applications
ECE637: Digital Image Processing I
ME578: Digital Control
ECE641: Digital Image Processing II
ECE638: Principles of Digital Color Imaging Systems
ECE620: Biomedical Imaging Systems
ECE634: Digital Video Systems
ECE511: Psychophysics
PSY606V: Vision Seminar

VISE Related Research Laboratories

Electronic Imaging Systems Laboratory (EISL)
Video and Image Processing Laboratory (VIPER)
Image Analysis Laboratory (IAL)