Laser-Focused Defense!

April 2020

Will Gooding triumphantly defended his PhD dissertation. Congratulations Dr. Gooding!


Super-Model Defense!

February 2020

Trey Harrison successfully completed all of his requirements for a PhD. Congratulations Dr. Harrison!


Moving on Up!

November 2019

Dr. Nicole Key is promoted to Associate Head for Graduate Studies in Mechanical Engineering! Congrats, Dr. Key!


Patent Pending!

October 2019

A provisional patent was filed with the Purdue Research Foundation for a blade vibration monitoring system!

'Listening' to engine blades to stop failures, disasters - October 31, 2019


ISABE 2019 - Presenting with the 'Roos!

September 2019

Will Gooding traveled to ISABE in Canberra, Australia to present a paper on Laser Doppler Velocimetry!


AIAA P&E 2019 - Representing Indiana!

August 2019

Yujun Leng, Trey Harrison, and Nick Kormanik all traveled to Indianapolis, IN to present papers at the AIAA Propulsion & Energy Conference.


IGTI TurboExpo 2019 - Best Poster Award!

June 2019

The compresssor lab travelled to Phoenix, AZ where Yujun Leng, Matt Meier, and Will Gooding presented papers. Matt Fuehne, William Brown, and Trey Harrison presented posters and Trey even won best poster!


Perfect Prelim!

December 2018

Will Gooding passed his preliminary exam on using LDV to examine unsteady diffuser flows. Pew-Pew! Congrats, Will!


Victorious Defense!

November 2018

Nitya Kamdar successfully defended his Master's thesis and will be headed to Cummins. Congrats, Nitya!


Passionate Prelim!

May 2018

Trey Harrison triumphantly passed his preliminary exam! One step closer to graduation! Congrats, Trey!


3D Defense!

May 2018

Ruben Adkins-Rieck additively manufactured a thesis. Congrats, Ruben!


Successful Defense!

November 2017

Doug Matthews successfully defended his Master's thesis and will continue on to a PhD at Purdue. Congrats, Doug!


Majestic Defense

November 2017

Razvan Rusu majestically defended his Master's thesis on inlet distortion in axial compressors. Congrats, Razvan!



August 2017

Dr. Nicole Key is promoted to Full Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering - congrats, Dr. Key!


ISABE 2017

September 2017

Will Gooding travelled to ISABE in Manchester, UK to present paper ISABE 2017-21417.


IGTI Turbo Expo 2017

June 2017

The compressor lab travelled to Charlotte, NC to attend IGTI Turbo Expo 2017.



May 2017

Nick Kormanik, Cameron Davis, and James Wallace all successfully defended their Master's theses - Nick will pursue a PhD at the compressor lab. Cameron and James will begin working at Pratt and Whitney.



February 2017

Amelia Brooks qualified for a PhD in Mechanical Engineering by passing area exams - great job, Amelia!



December 2016

Trey Harrison was awarded a Master's degree on the way to his PhD!


Best Paper Award

December 2016

Natalie Smith was awarded best paper at ISABE 2015 for her paper Effects of Blade Row Interactions on Unsteady Stator Surface Pressures in an Embedded Compressor Stage!



October 2016

Will Gooding qualified for a PhD in Mechanical Engineering with high marks on his area exams!


Masterful Defense

August 2016

Nyansafo Aye-Addo succesfully defended his Master's thesis - congratulations, Nyansafo!


IGTI Turbo Expo 2016

June 2016

Dr. Nicole Key, Fangyuan Lou, and Will Gooding travelled to Seoul, South Korea for Turbo Expo 2016. Fangyuan presented paper GT2016-56188 and Will presented paper GT2016-56683.


Supreme Defender

December 2015

Fangyuan Lou expertly defended his dissertation to earn a PhD. Congratulations Dr. Lou!



November 2015

Trey Harrison passed all three qualifying exams for a PhD in Mechanical Engineering!


Top Poster

August 2015

José Rivas earned the Award of Excellence for Top Resarch Poster at the Purdue Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Poster Symposium. Congratulations José!


Leaping Defense

July 2015

Reid Berdanier spotlessly completed all of his requirements for a PhD. Congratulations Dr. Berdanier!


Defense Success

June 2015

Matthew Dolan successfully defended his MS thesis, and is now working with Alambic Investment Management.


IGTI Turbo Expo 2015

June 2015

All members of the High Speed Compressor Research Laboratory attended Turbo Expo 2015 in Montréal, Canada. Natalie Smith presented paper GT2015-43508 while Fangyuan Lou and Trey Harrison presented poster GT2015-44228 and Jeanne Methel presented poster GT2015-44204.


Supreme Defender

April 2015

Natalie Smith completed all of the requirements to fulfill the requirements for a PhD. Congratulations Natalie!


CoE Outstanding Student Award

March 2015

Congratulations to our star lab members, Natalie Smith and Reid Berdanier, for winning the prestigious College of Engineering Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award for AAE and ME respectively!


Defense Success

December 2014

Dave Monk successfully defended his MS thesis, and is now working with Siemens Energy.


IGTI Turbo Expo 2014

June 2014

Reid Berdanier and Natalie Smith traveled to Turbo Expo in Düsseldorf, Germany to present GT2014-25790.

Dr. Key also received the Dilip R. Ballal Early Career Award at Turbo Expo.


2014 Old Man Awards

May/June 2014

Congratulations to Bill Murray and Bryce Heckaman who both successfully completed their MS degrees. Good luck!


ASME Early Career Award

January 2014

Congratulations to Dr. Key, the recipient of the 2014 ASME/IGTI Dilip R. Ballal Early Career Award!


Fabian to the Rescue

January 2014

John Fabian has officially joined the Compressor Lab family as a Senior Research Scientist!


Tenure Announcement

April 5, 2013

Congratulations to Dr. Key for her promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure! Let's roast a hawg!


Kings of Quals

March 2013

Reid Berdanier and Nick Pohl both passed all three ME PhD qualifier exams! Let the celebrations begin!


Happy Mustache March!

March 1, 2013

The Compressor Lab would like to wish you a happy Mustache March!


Aerospace Sciences Meeting

January 7-10, 2013

Natalie Smith traveled to Grapevine, TX to present research results on unsteady boundary layer response to rotor-rotor interactions.


Brossman Moves to Blue

January 21, 2013

John Brossman moved on to a position as a rocket test stand engineer with Blue Origin.


Queen of Quals

November 2012

Natalie Smith successfully passed both AAE PhD qualifier exams! Party time!


Brossman Defends PhD

October 1, 2012

John "JB" Brossman successfully defended his PhD dissertation!


AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Join Propulsion Conference

July 29 - August 1, 2012

Several HSCL students traveled with Dr. Key to present research results at the Joint Propulsion Conference in Atlanta, GA. Two papers were presented.


Berdanier Defends MSME

July 13, 2012

Reid Berdanier successfully defended his MSME thesis!




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