Safe Water Home

Indiana Home and Farm Assessment

Confidential health & safety risk assessments for you and your family

Indiana Home*A*Syst and Farm*A*Syst are programs developed with your health and safety in mind, with a focus on keeping Indiana's water safe for the future. By using the surveys and fact sheets provided for both home and farm you can quickly find the level of risk to your drinking water AND how to reduce that risk.


  • Has is been more than three years since your drinking water was tested for contaminants?
  • Do you store fuel or oil in an underground tank?
  • Do you burn yard and household waste?
  • Has it been more than three years since your septic tank was inspected?
  • Do you use pesticide or fertilizer?



The programs are voluntary and all information is kept strictly confidential. All educational materials and survey information remain with you. You decide what to do with the information and what action to take. If you choose, technical help is available from Purdue water quality specialists, Extension Educators, and your local Soil & Water Conservation District.

Farm*A*Syst covers the farmstead, while Home*A*Syst looks at structures and activities in and around the home.