ECE 661 Fall 2018

Computer Vision is Awesome. Seriously.
Use Blackboard to submit all homeworks.
Submit only typed solutions. Handwritten solutions will not be accepted.
Name your submission as "hwnumber_yourname.pdf".
For example, if your name was Gandalf The Grey, then you would turn in the first homework as hw1_GandalfTheGrey.pdf
Note that you can only submit PDF files for reports. DOC and TXT files should not be submitted.
Turn in your own work.
Previous year solutions are provided only for reference. You must turn in your own report and code files. Zip all the code files together and submit the zipped file along with the report.
Remember to include all images, output and code as indicated in the question. This might vary between home-works; ensure that you have read the question completely.
Include your full name and email id on every submission.
You can write programs in any suitable language that you are comfortable with.