Scheduling the Aircraft

Once you're a member of PPI you can rent out our airplanes. Purdue Aviation, LLC manages our aircraft, and they do a great job! The link below will send you to their online scheduling system. If you haven't used it before, follow the link that says "New Users: Request Login ID". If you're just starting training, your instructor will be able to set you up with a username and password.

Scheduling System

Forms & Boring Paperwork Stuff

As we all know, flying isn't all slipping the surly bonds of Earth and dancing the skies on laughter-silvered wings. Making flying fun and affordable requires a little bit of bureaucracy, but luckily this website is your one-stop shop for reimbursements, requests, and references. Except it's not really a shop, because everything is free (the forms, that is). But you get the idea...right?

Policies & Practices

If you are unsure of the process for filing a reimbursement or a rebate, or you don't know how to request approval for an overnight cross-country, read on!

Multi-Day Cross Country Requests

According to PPI Regulations, all flights over 24-hours must receive prior approval from at least 3 members of the executive board. To request permission, follow the steps below.

Step 2
Fill out the information in each box as described in the form. Simply type your name and the date to "sign" the form at the bottom. Click the save button to save the data you have typed into the form.
Step 3
Step 4
Once you receive the go-ahead from 3 of the officers, you are cleared to go! Print out a copy of the PDF form and leave the top portion with the desk at Purdue Aviation.


Chances are if you go on a long cross country flight, you'll need to buy fuel for the airplane. However, since you're paying a wet rate for the aircraft, you would be double paying for fuel. We will reimburse you for the fuel you buy, but at Purdue Aviation's rates. For example, if you buy 20 gallons of fuel at $5.00 per gallon and Purdue Aviation is selling fuel at $5.50 per gallon, we will give you $110 ($5.50 * 20). However, if Purdue Aviation is selling fuel for $4.50 per gallon, we will give you $90 ($4.50 * 20). Purdue Aviation's prices are usually very average so you will, on average, not lose any money on gas. To get reimbursed, follow these steps:

Step 1
Get a receipt showing the date, N-number, your name (sign the receipt if needed to have your name on it), and the number of gallons purchased.
Step 2
Step 3
Give your fuel reimbursement form to the club treasurer along with the receipt and he or she will process the reimbursement for you. You can expect a check mailed to your address in 2-3 weeks.

Dream Flight Rebates

If you are a new member who has joined PPI after taking a dream flight in a PPI plane, you're eligible for a $20 rebate! Sure, $20 might not sound like much but at the current market rate that's enough to buy over half a gram of gold (as of September, 2018). Or almost half of a flight instructor (we'll let you decide what's more useful). Here's how to claim your future investment money:

Step 1
Print out the Dream Flight Rebate Form and fill it out. Bring it with you on your dream flight. purchased.
Step 2
Step 3
Bring the completed form to a PPI meeting and give it to the PPI treasurer, who will issue you your rebate by mail!

Safety Pilot Guidelines

Many of our members work on their IFR training in our airplanes. As part of that training (or even practice when you're already certified), you can fly with a "safety pilot"; he or she will keep their eyes outside while you practice your IFR skills under the hood. Since this can be a tricky situation when it comes to logging time and paying the bill, we've put together a guide for you!

Safety Pilot Guide


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