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Title: The Changing Landscape of Game Development: How Social Gaming Is Affecting Game Development and the Game Industry
Time: 8:30AM, November 13
Location: Physics 112
Speaker: Matt Booty, CEO, Midway Games
Reception in EE 118 immediately after the seminar

Casual games in the form of online browser games and family oriented games for platforms such as the Nintendo Wii have become firmly established in the video game ecosystem and are more well understood. However, social networking platforms such as Facebook and MySpace are disrupting the industry with the ability to reach tens of millions of players with relatively simple games that bypass retail sales outlets completely. This talk will give an overview of the transition that has happened in the last decade from console games to social networking games and the implications for people wanting to get into the industry.

Matthew Booty
has served Midway Games as CEO and President since March 2008. Prior to that, since June 2004 he served as Senior Vice President - Worldwide Studios  and before that since June 1999 he served in various capacities in its product development organization, ultimately being promoted to Vice President - Product Development in June 2002.
Matt started at Midway in 1991 as an audio engineer working on hardware and software for pinball and video sound systems. His first major project was the DCS digital sound system, which was used in coin-op pinball, video, novelty and gaming for more than six years after its development. From 1992 to 1995 he was the manager of the Sound Department and led the integration of professional recording techniques and equipment into game audio and the expansion of the group to a peak of seven composers and an audio engineer. In 1995 Matt moved into game programming and worked on the 3D fighting game War Gods, which was, among other things, the first hard disk-based coin-op game developed at Midway. His first project as a team leader and game designer was the arcade game Hyperdrive in 1996, and after that in 1998 he was the team leader on the coin-op racing game CART Fury which was then released for the Sony Playstation2. He subsequently focused on project management and worked on several video game projects in a leadership and managerial role. He has a BS degree in computer and electrical engineering and a Master of Fine Arts degree, both from Purdue University.