2009 PPA Workshop
On April 7 and 8, 2009, asphalt pavement research engineers gathered in Minneapolis for a workshop including presentations and discussions regarding the current issues with PPA, its effects on binder properties, the industry's perspective, binder testing results, performance testing and more. Some engineers and industry representatives who were not able to travel to Minneapolis for the workshop still participated by watching and listening to the presentations live via internet streaming video. If you missed this, no worries!  Below we have posted the recorded presentations which include video, audio and slides.  If you would like to simply view the presentations saved as pdfs, we have posted these for you below as well. 
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Presentation Recordings April 7, 2009, Session 1
April 7, 2009, Session 2
April 7, 2009, Session 3
April 8, 2009, Session 1
Presentations Abadie - Louisiana Experience
Arnold - Binder Testing
Arnold - Mix and Moisture
Baumgardner - Industry Perspective
Bennert - Mix Performance of PPA Modified
Buncher - Background
Clyne - MnROAD Test Sections
Dangelo - Binder Effects
Maurer - Agency Survey
McGennis - Arizona Experience
Reinke - Analytical Procedures
Reinke - Mixture and Performance
Romagosa and Martin - Best Practices
Ryan - Wisconsin Experience
Tam - Ontario Perspective
Vanfrank - Utah Trials
Watson - NCAT Experience
Westerman - Arkansas Program
PPA Discussion, Transcript of Audience Questions and Panel Presenters' Responses