Welcome to the JAIN Research Lab

Our research team is driven by a desire to advance technologies and systems that will have a lasting impact on society, with two main thrusts:

  • addressing the need for sustainable solutions to meet growing energy demand around the world
  • creating tools and methodologies to pave the way for cooperative human-machine interactions

Our systems-based approach draws on fundamentals from 3 key areas:

Dynamic Modeling

We are interested in deriving low-order models of complex processes with the intent of using those models for real-time feedback and decision-making. A key focus is understanding the appropriate balance of physic-based and empirical methods when considering systems ranging from thermal energy storage to human emotion.

Control & Optimization

We are researching ways to optimally control electrical and thermal energy flow in a range of mobile and stationary systems using real-time feedback mechanisms. We are also bringing this idea of feedback to human-machine interactions.


With control system design as our ultimate objective, we are researching how the second law of thermodynamics affects dynamic characterization of efficiency and performance of thermal systems. This enables us to use a more robust, physics-based approach for both modeling and control of energy systems.

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