Highway Rumble Strip Research Extended to Airport Taxiways

Poster presented at project meeting on June 3-4, 2014 in Atlanta
Runway incursions are a significant safety concern, particularly at general aviation airports. In 2013, there were over 1200 runway incursions. In May 2014, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) awarded a project to Profs. Darcy Bullock and Sarah Hubbard to evaluate the feasibility of using rumble strips on taxiways to warn pilots of the upcoming runway with the objective of reducing runway incursions.

A project meeting was held in Atlanta on June 3 and 4 where Profs. Bullock and Hubbard shared a poster documenting their progress to date (see photo on below) and coordinated with FAA to construct both raised and milled rumble strips at the Purdue Airport this summer.  In addition to FAA staff, Prof. Seth Young, Director of Aviation Studies at Ohio State is part of the project team assisting in identifying early implementation opportunities.

          Left to Right | Purdue Prof Darcy Bullock, Pete Sparacino (FAA), Don Gallagher (FAA), Purdue Prof. Sarah Hubbard

More Information

Learn more about runway incursions.

Governor Pence issued a proclamation declaring June 2014 as General Aviation appreciation month in Indiana.

This project was awarded through PEGASAS, the FAA Center of Excellence for General Aviation, led by Prof. William Crossley.   For a full list of PEGASAS projects can be found at https://www.pegasas.aero/projects.php. Photo below shows several  Purdue colleagues working on general aviation research in Prof. Crossley's PEGASAS center.