2016 TRB Traffic Signal Systems Best Paper Award

A paper co-authored by Steven Lavrenz, Christopher Day, and Darcy Bullock, from Purdue University, along with INDOT Engineer Rick Freije and Elkhart County Engineer Jay Grossman received the 2016 Transportation Research Board (TRB) Traffic Signal System Committee Best Paper Award at this year's TRB conference in Washington, DC.

This study proposed a methodology that combines high resolution signal controller data with conventional stop bar loop detection to identify vehicles that enter the intersection after the start of red, when many of the most serious red light running (RLR) crashes occur.   Law enforcement and transportation agencies can utilize this technique to more proactively identify “at risk” locations for appropriate allocation and deployment of safety resources.

Photo above shows Jay Grossman, Christopher Day, Stephen Lavrenz and Darcy Bullock receiving the award from Signal Committee Member Stacie Phillips in Washington, DC, at the 95th Annual TRB Meeting.  Not pictured is Rick Freije.

Lavrenz, Steven M., C.M. Day, J. Grossman, R.S. Freije, and D.M. Bullock, “Use of High Resolution Signal Controller Data to Identify Red Light Running Vehicles,” Transportation Research Board, Paper No. 16-0209, in press.