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Blue-Bot Tac-Tile Reader

Lower Age: 3+
Price: $129.95
Year Added: 2017

The TacTile Reader is a hands-on programming device for children ages three and up that can be used together with Blue-Bot via a Bluetooth connection. Included with each set is one Tactile Reader that holds up to 10 tiles at a time, a cable to connect more than one TacTile Reader together, and 25 Blue-Bot command tiles. The TacTile Reader is rechargeable and supplemental tile packs are available for purchase separately. This device provides a platform for children to control their Blue-Bot remotely by creating a sequence of tiles to implement different programs. Each plastic tile corresponds with a Blue-Bot command. Once a child finishes their sequence and presses “go” on the reader, Blue-Bot moves in accordance with the instructions set out on the TacTile Reader. As Blue-Bot runs through the program, the TacTile Reader lights up each corresponding tile, giving children a visual indication of progress and simplifying any troubleshooting and iterative development. By making the programming experience a physical process, the TacTile Reader allows children to utilize both their computational thinking skills and spatial reasoning abilities simultaneously as they work with the Blue-Bot.


Engineering thinking and design practices the gift encourages children to do or learn about: NA

Engineering text or context explicitly provided by the gift: NA

Additional practices and skills needed by engineers that were addressed by the gift: Spatial reasoning skills, coding, computational thinking, programming, evidence-based reasoning



Overall ratings:

  • Children Reviews

    • Rating:  4.3 out of 5.0

    • Feedback:

      • “I like that the robot does what I say and I like the buttons. I like the challenges my parents made me do with it!” F, 3

  • Parents Reviews

    • Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

    • Feedback:

      • “This is a great open-ended, simple programming toy.” parent of a 3- and 5-year-old

  • Engineering & STEM Experts Reviews

    • Rating: 3.0 out of 5.0

    • Feedback: NA