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The House That Lou Built

Author: Mae Respicio
Lower Age: 8
Upper Age: 12
Year Added: 2019

The House That Lou Built, by Mae Respicio, is a book dedicated towards promoting perseverance and ambition, as well as helping readers understand that anything is possible if someone works hard at it. The book promotes engineering thinking and design through Lou’s solutions to the obstacles she faces, as well as her creation and refinement of those solutions. By introducing a personal aspect to the story, readers get an idea of where her motivation comes from, which is very effective for driving home the message. Lou shared a dream with her father to build a house on his land. Unfortunately, her mother wants to move to a new city, away from their family, where she will be getting a new job. Lou believes that finally completing her dream house will convince her mother that they don’t need to move away. Building the house for Lou is more than a simple hobby or fanciful dream cursed to never see the light of day, it becomes an important facet of her life. She is always encouraged and celebrated by her friends for her ambition and ability, which is a very good environment for anyone to continue to thrive their talents in and a useful example of how to treat others.  

    This gift allows readers to go on a journey of learning about and defining problems, planning and implementing solutions, and analyzing the effectiveness of those solutions so that they can be improved. These are all very essential skills, as planning, creating, implementing, and analyzing are pillars of engineering. Throughout the story, Lou exercises creative thinking, collaborative working, and problem solving in pursuit of her dream. The House That Lou Built is a great book both as a showcase of the engineering process and as a story of determination.