GROUPER's mission logo design by Drew Davidson, 2005

Our Mission:

Grouper is an innovative human factors research lab. We focus on studying and solving problems and challenges in information flow, knowledge-sharing, and task coordination amongst humans for a variety of applications on Earth and in space.

Our Vision:

We envision a world where people share information and context without delay or error. To help achieve this we strive to design, analyze, evaluate, and improve information and communication technology in dynamic, complex systems.

Our Goal:

Our core research efforts are directed at understanding and improving how people get, use, and share information....well.

GROUPER is directed by Prof. Barrett S. Caldwell.

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UPDATE, Feb 24, 2016: We're remodeling! Check back with us during March 2016 for fantastic new updates (and the work of our newest GROUPER, Elliott Williams)!