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An online publication from Purdue University’s College of Engineering.


College Administration

  • Mung Chiang, Dean of Engineering
  • Jason Dietz, Director of Financial Affairs
  • Robert Frosch, Senior Associate Dean of Facilities and Operations
  • Eckhard Groll, Associate Dean for Undergraduate and Graduate Education
  • Pedro Irazoqui, Electrical and Computer Engineering (interim)
  • Dimitrios Peroulis, Associate Dean for External Affairs
  • Arvind Raman, Senior Associate Dean of the Faculty
  • Alyssa Wilcox, Senior Associate Vice President for Advancement
  • Kelly Busch, Chief of Staff to the Dean


  • Christine Babick, Director of Communications
  • Della Pacheco, Project Manager
  • Natalie Powell, Designer
  • Contributing Writers: Chris Adam, Poornima Apte, Eric Bender, Eric Brown, Jim Bush, Tom Coyne, Hillary Henry, Zeina Kayyali, William Meiners, Steve Tally, Emil Venere, Kayla Wiles
  • Photographers: Tom Campbell, Oren Darling, Susan Fleck, Hope Sale, Mark Simons, John Underwood, Vincent Walter, Rebecca Wilcox

School and Division Heads

  • Tom Shih, Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Nathan Mosier, Agricultural and Biological Engineering (interim)
  • George Wodicka, Biomedical Engineering
  • Sangtae Kim, Chemical Engineering
  • Rao Govindaraju, Civil Engineering
  • Makarand Hastak, Construction Engineering and Management
  • Dimitrios Peroulis, Associate Dean for External Affairs
  • Donna Riley, Engineering Education
  • John Sutherland, Environmental and Ecological Engineering
  • Steve Landry, Industrial Engineering (interim)
  • David Bahr, Materials Engineering
  • Anil Bajaj, Mechanical Engineering
  • Seungjin Kim, Nuclear Engineering