About Us

The ECS Purdue Student Chapter was founded in May 2019. The goal of the chapter is to promote discussion and collaboration between electrochemistry and solid state science students in the Purdue university and the Greater Midwest area. We have over 20 student memebers.

We are always looking for active members,that want to participate in these events and get closer contact to their peers from all Purdue university campuses. If you are interested, write us an email at purdueecschapter@gmail.com.

Current Chapter Officers

            susmita                   zhou   
                  Aditya Singla                          Sourim Banerjee                  Anuththara Alujjage                                      President                               VP & Secretary                       Vp & Treasurer                                       singla4@purdue.edu                         banerj47@purdue.edu                      aalujjag@purdue.edu     

                       julia         susmita
                  Pretty Mitra                        Pooja Ranganathan               Debanjali Chatterjee
      VP & Communications Lead        VP & Event Coordinator             Executive Advisor
             mitra57@purdue.edu                         prangan@purdue.edu                    chatte22@purdue.edu

Current Advisors

                Prof. Partha Mukherjee                                      Dr. Judy Jeevarajan   
                       Lead Faculty Advisor                         Distinguished Industry Advisor
           School of Mechnaical Engineering                       Vice-President, Research              
                         Purdue University                    Electrochemical Safety Research Institute
                                                           Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
                     pmukherjee@purdue.edu                                           Judy.Jeevarajan@ul.org

       rebecca                                  laskin
                    Prof.  Rebecca Ciez                              Prof.  Justin Andrews
                    Faculty Co-Advisor                                   Faculty Co-Advisor                                         School of Mechnaical Engineering                    Department of Chemistry      
                        Purdue University                                           Purdue University
                                rciez@purdue.edu                                                       jlandrews@purdue.edu     

                    Prof.  Julia Laskin                                         
        Faculty Co-Advisor           
            Department of Chemistry          
                         Purdue University