[ESW] ESW: Tailgate and In-Stadium Recycling!

Christian D Cambron ccambron at purdue.edu
Thu Sep 20 22:56:11 EDT 2018

Hello ESW members!

I wanted to let you all know about the important weekend that we have coming up in terms of recycling at the football game!

This weekend is homecoming, which means the game, which is at noon on Saturday, will be very well attended. We have been asked to lend an extra hand, particularly inside the stadium for the homecoming game. The in-stadium process differs from tailgate recycling in that you will be assisting patrons with recycling in the concourse area during the game. We also still need volunteers for tailgate recycling, so step up this weekend and help out if you can! If you are interested in either option, email me and let me know at ccambron at purdue.edu. You can also text me at (812)-697-1649 if that is more convenient for you. If you haven't worked before and so you don't have a shirt, make sure to send your shirt size as well.

The benefits of both tailgate recycling and in-stadium recycling remain the same: you will get a free t-shirt, free food, and a free ticket to the game! The difference with the in-stadium recycling is that you work one half of the game and then for the other half you can stay and watch the game or do with that time what you please. You do not necsesarilly need to choose between tailgate recycling and in-stadium recycling: you can do both!

This is the last home game for a while, so come out and show your support for waste diversion into recycling and for your Boilermakers! This is an uphill battle that can always use more helpers! The weather will be much more mild on Saturday so it will be a great day to participate in either activity.

Finally, I want to thank all of you who have participated in tailgate recycling up until this point. I have had the opportunity to talk with some of you at length and its been great to get to know you and learn about why you joined Engineers for a Sustainable World.

Let's Get Green and Boiler Up,

Christian Cambron

Purdue University Class of 2020

Bachelor's Candidate for Environmental and Ecological Engineering & Spanish Language and Culture

Purdue Exponent, Assistant Campus Editor

Engineers for a Sustainable World, President

ccambron at purdue.edu
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