[ESW] Regional Conference and General Information

Genevieve Marie Willman gwillman at purdue.edu
Fri Sep 30 13:28:22 EDT 2016

Hello ESW!

We have just a few updates for you regarding the Regional Conference at IIT in Chicago! I have attached an invitation, flyer, and a design challenge. Please take a look at these and see if it is something you might be interested in participating in! If it sounds like something you are interested in please email Jackson Coleman, colema39 at purdue.edu, to get further information. *There is a prize for the winning team*

Again to refresh your memory the Regional Conference is at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, October 22nd with a volunteering activity on the 23rd!

As a friendly reminder please sign up to help with the tailgate team before all home football games! Our next game is October 15th. You hand out recycling bags from 9-12 and get a free t-shirt, free food, free drinks inside the stadium, and A FREE FOOTBALL TICKET! It is really a good time and makes a huge difference in Purdue's recycling footprint. The link to sign up is below:


In general meeting updates we are working on a number of fun and creative ideas for use of the Solar Kiosk (we are open to suggestions!). We also are in the planning stages of a new project: A Bee Hive! There are many benefits to constructing and maintaining our own bee hive. Let us know if you have experience/interested in joining this project team.

Have a great and safe weekend everyone!

ESW Exec

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