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Hey friends! 

I'll be sending out a more complete list of events soon, but I wanted you all to be aware of an opportunity that closes today! Purdue Student Government will be taking students to the Indiana State House on February 10th from 8 AM-4:30 PM . You need to get your name in by today if you think you want to go! Sorry about the late notice. The sign up just came to me. I've copied over the information I got from PSG about it. Among other things, this is a really cool networking activity both for meeting other student orgs and the policy makers of Indiana. 

Day at State House Sign Up 

"The event will be held February 10th. We will be taking a bus down to Indianapolis, departing at 8am and returning around 4:30pm. The bus is open to all organizations coming, but we anticipate having enough room to transport up to 4 of your members. There is no cost to you to attend and lunch will be provided, but I would encourage your members to bring a small amount of cash for anything else they may want. 

"Our lead contact for the event from the University has advised us that we won't need to prepare or present anything, but I would recommend being ready to discuss any initiatives your organizations has completed or what you're currently working on or planning to begin. Our legislators will be in session until around 3pm, so they have asked us if we could stay until roughly 3:30pm to receive a tour of the building. We should have an opportunity to speak to District 26 Representative Randy Truitt (R) and District 27 Representative Sheila Klinker (D), as well as District 26 Senator Douglas Eckerty (R) and District 27 Senator Jeff Raatz (R). 

"The day is meant to be an opportunity for Purdue students to share their message with our state legislators and lobby for Purdue and its organizations and interests." 

Olivia Steele 
Community Service and Events Coordinator 
Engineers for a Sustainable World 
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