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Olivia Kay Steele osteele at purdue.edu
Mon Mar 24 15:25:23 EDT 2014

Hey ESW! 

Welcome back from spring break! If you're anything like me, you're not particularly pleased to dive back into homework, but you are really excited to get back to ESW! 

    • March 25 - Pandora's Promise Documentary 

        • The next in our documentary series will be held in Loeb from 6-8:30 . This promises to be a fascinating debate-inducing film as it re-opens the nuclear power discussion.Dr. Laura Young from the Department of Political Sciences and Dr. Robert Bean from the School of Nuclear Engineering will be hosting a question and answer session afterwards. Watch the trailer here and get intrigued. The flier is attached/ 

March 26 - ESW General Meeting 

        • Our next general meeting will be at 6 PM in PHYS 111. Come catch up on what the club has been up to since the last meeting. 
April 16 - Student Sustainability Council 

        • This is the final SSC meeting of the year at 5:30 PM. They will be electing officers and also encourage us to choose our official ESW representative. If you are interested, let us know! 

Other events: 

    • March 28 - 30 Lead LEED: The Next Generation 

        • Green Building Council is hosting Lead LEED: The Next Generation . The conference held at Purdue will have speakers such as the writer of the most recent LEED standards and Mayor Dixon, the mayor of the greenest city in the world. The cost is $45 for students which includes a banquet meal. Click here to find more information and to register. 
March 28 Integrated Biorefinery Talk 

        • Mr. Bill Bivins will speak from 2:30-3:30 PM in ARMS 1010 about his company One World Clean Energy, Inc. and his invention, the Integrated Biorefinery Solution. His mission is to provide sustainable energy to impoverished communities 
Friday Night Lights! 

        • Every Friday you can volunteer to help turn out lights in buildings all over campus. It takes less than an hour and you get free Chipotle in the bargain. Sign up for a Friday here. 

Olivia Steele 

Community Service and Events Coordinator Engineers for a Sustainable World
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