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Olivia Kay Steele osteele at purdue.edu
Tue Feb 11 00:07:16 EST 2014

Hey all! 

Here's some upcoming club events you will want to be a part of: 

Feb 12 - General Meeting 
Our meeting will be in ME 1051 at 6 PM. We're going to be having a competition that will be loads of fun, but you have to be there! Also, feel free to bring friends even if they aren't engineers to come check us out. 

Feb 17 - Trash Audit 
Sustainable Mindset will be hosting a trash audit at Wiley Residence Hall. We need volunteers to come help us sort the trash into recycling, composting, and trash. In the evening, we will present to Wiley's Excalibur Club which weekly has over one hundred members in attendance. This is a super exciting opportunity to educate students about the contents of our trash and get our name out there. The information will also be used to inform our recycling campaign and kick off a composting campaign. Sign up here and sign up friends as well! 

March 5 - Chasing I ce 
In the spirit of the season, we will be showing the documentary Chasing Ice in PHYS 112 at 6:30 as the first in a series of documentaries we will be sharing with the Student Sustainability Council and its member organizations. This is the same time frame of our normal meeting so you should all be able to come! If you missed the trailer, watch it here . It's beautiful! 

April 11-13 - ESW National Conference 
The National Conference is being held at Northwestern this year! We will be driving out Friday morning to participate. This is plenty of notice for professors, and it promises to be an amazing opportunity, so mark your calendars and make plans! Early bird registration ends Feb 14th! Go here to register. We will be splitting the cost of a hotel room for the two nights. 

See you Wednesday! 

Olivia Steele 
Community Service and Events Coordinator 
Engineers for a Sustainable World 

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