[ESW] Conversation with the CEO of Cummins

Olivia Kay Steele osteele at purdue.edu
Wed Apr 30 15:06:19 EDT 2014

One last thing for this year. If you don't have class between 1:30 and 2:30 the sustainability community at Purdue needs you to go here and register to go to Tom Linebarger's talk on Driving Global Success through Environmental Sustainability. It is this Friday in the Dean's Auditorium in Pfendler Hall from 1:30-2:30 . Please please please sign up and be there. Mitch Daniels will be opening the talk, and we need to show the President of Purdue that sustainability is important to the students here. It's a small time commitment, an interesting talk, and a great opportunity. 

Thanks and good luck on finals! 

Olivia Steele 
Community Service and Events Coordinator 
Engineers for a Sustainable World 
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