[ESW] ESW Water Filtration Project

Calvin Holic cholic at purdue.edu
Wed Oct 9 22:51:17 EDT 2013

Hey ESW!

We're looking to start up a new water filtration-oriented project, so check
out the blurb below from our project leader Phelan (we're meeting

Water treatment is a concern for most of the world. Water borne diseases
significantly contribute to the unhealthy state of many rural and
impoverished areas. Using relatively simple methods, (solar, sand or
ceramic filtration, iodine, colloidal silver or chlorine treatment) water
can be processed for drinking and reduce the expense and suffering of many
people. Many low cost water filters rely on sand filtration but fresh
perspectives on solar distillers and ceramic filters could improve these
devices functions. If you are interested in looking into these systems come
join the callout *tomorrow* (Thursday Oct. 10th) at *5:30PM *in *ME 2053*.

Rock on,

*Calvin Holic*
Computer Engineering MS/PhD Student
Purdue University
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