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Tue Apr 9 12:27:57 EDT 2013

Hey everyone! 

It's time for elections to get ready for next semester! 

Bellow you will find the descriptions of the various officer positions (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Fundraising Coordinator, Community Service and Events Coordinator, and Secretary). These are brief descriptions, aimed at giving you a general idea of the different positions available. We will be having an information session Wednesday April 10th at 5:30pm in ARMS 1021 to answer any questions you may have about the various positions and responsibilities. 

If you are interested in nominating yourself or someone else for one of these positions, please fill out this form by Thursday (4/11) night at midnight : 

The next general meeting will be held on Monday April 15th (time and location TBA). 

Note: In order to be elected president, a member must have served as an officer. All other officer positions are open to all members. 
If you want to be more involved next year but are unsure which position would suit you best, come talk to us at the info session! 


Emilie Garnier 
Purdue University, School of Mechanical Engineering 
ESW President 

Represents the organization, including outreach to the university, and various schools. 
Responsible for running general and executive board meetings . 

Vice President 
Serves as project manager. Responsible for meeting with the project leaders and providing them with the tools to succeed in their various projects. 
Attends general and executive board meetings. 

Responsible for the budget and finances of the organization. 
Attends general and executive board meetings. 

Fundraising Coordinator 
Finds fundraising opportunities for the organization and leads grants/proposal write-ups. Works closely with the president in looking for outside funding for the organization. 
Attends generals and executive board meetings. 

Community Service and Events Coordinator 
Responsible of organizing social and community events for members to participate in. 
Attends generals and executive board meetings. 

Records meeting notes at general and officer meetings. Responsible for tracking meeting attendance and distribution of information to members. 
Attends generals and executive board meetings. 
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