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Thu Sep 20 23:34:48 EDT 2012

Hey everyone, 

Here is the summary of what we did at the meeting on Tuesday. 

We introduced our new officers: 
David Zelinka - Vice President - dzelinka at purdue.edu 
Branden Elkins - Secretary - elkinsb at purdue.edu 
Nathan Lynn - Treasurer - lynnn at purdue.edu 

Then we split up into interest groups to discuss each projects and what our next steps are. 

If you were interested in the Recycling Project (off campus), there will be a meeting 
Thursday Sept 27th at 4:30 pm. Room TBA 

If you were interested in working on the bikes, we will meet tomorrow 
Friday Sept 21st 6pm. Room MSEE B22 

If you were interested in the solar energy feasibility study, more info will be coming this weekend about a meeting during the week. 

All, please see the attached document for a recap of the ideas each group came up with as well as things to think about before the next meeting. 

If you have not decided which project you want to work on, feel free to attend any meetings you'd like in order to make a decision. 
Then, email me and let me know. 

As always, contact me or any of the officers if you have any questions. 

Emilie Garnier 
Purdue University, School of Mechanical Engineering 
ESW President 

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