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Sawyer Morgan morgan55 at purdue.edu
Tue Oct 2 21:31:06 EDT 2012

Fellow members of Engineers for a Sustainable World,

I have been named Director of Sustainability for Purdue Student Government, and I would like to work with ESW on upcoming projects and to use your input for PSG sustainability initiatives. As Director of Sustainability, I will be making four appointments to the undergraduate members of the University Sustainability Committee, which is just starting up this year. 

Below is the information PSG received about appointments to the committee, and attached is the University Senate resolution creating it. This is a new committee, so I don't have any other information to share with you yet, but it would not be a significant commitment with likely one or two meetings per semester. If you are interested in being appointed to this committee for this year, please reply to morgan55 at purdue.edu with a brief statement by Thursday at 6:00 explaining what you do with sustainablity on campus and what you would bring to the table in this committee.

Sawyer Morgan
Chemical Engineering, Purdue University '15
Director of Sustainability, Purdue Student Government

Hello again, Richard;
We had so many documents on the agenda last April that I had to go back and see what we did.  I have attached the amended document that was passed by the Senate.  The URPC appoints two of its members to the Sustainability Committee other appointments are specified.  This is a difficult one to populate based on all of the constituencies involved.  I’ll try to summarize below:
Faculty Appointments from the URPC-                                  2 faculty members
PSG Appointments-                                                                        4, at least, undergraduate students
PGSG Appointment-                                                                      1 graduate student
CSSAC Appointment-                                                                     1 clerical staff member
APSAC Appointment-                                                                    1 Academic/Professional staff member
Regional Campus Faculty Appointments-                              3 faculty members (one each from Purdue Calumet, Purdue North Central and IPFW)
Regional Campus Student Appointments-                            3 student members (one each from Purdue Calumet, Purdue North Central and IPFW)
Nominating Committee Faculty Appointments-                 Not specified

The documents states that at least 28 members must be on the committee (more are allowed) of which at least 8 are students.  Without the Nominating Committee faculty appointments the total above is 15.  That leaves 13 other members to choose from students and faculty.  Obviously
, the Nominating Committee will have to find additional faculty members, but we don’t have any volunteers at this point because our next round of populating committees occurs in the spring semester.  We would have to send out a special request via Beverly Davenport-Sypher’s office to get a pool of volunteers.  PSG can also appoint more than 4 students since the maximum is not specified in the document.
The Regional Campus Senators, student Senators and CSSAC & APSAC members are included in this reply as everyone’s input is needed.  We have no connection with the Regional Campus student governance bodies so we will depend on the Regional Campus Senators to get those names from their students. 
So, I’m open to suggestions from all of the constituents.  Once the committee is populated, it will report to the URPC.


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