ECE 302: Probabilistic Methods in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Fall 2020
Professor Stanley H. Chan

This is the official course website for the following sessions of ECE 302, Fall 2020.

30200-001 (LEC) TuTh 3pm-4:15pm, MSEE B012
30200-003 (LEC) MWF 3:30-4:20pm, PHYS 223
30200-004 (DIS) Online

Teaching Staff

Lead-Instructor: Professor Stanley H. Chan
Online Office Hour: Friday 9:30-10:30am.

Co-Instructor: Professor Saul Gelfand
Online Office Hour: Wednesday 2-3pm.

Co-Instructor: Professor Mary Comer
Online Office Hour: Thursday 1-2pm.

Teaching Assistant: Chengzhang Zhong
Online Office Hour: Monday 10-12am, Tuesday 5-6pm

Teaching Assistant: Pratik Kashyap
Online Office Hour: Thursday 9-11am, Friday 1:30-2:30pm

Meeting URLs are announced in Brightspace.


Syllabus: This is the complete syllabus. It contains all the information about the course.

Download (PDF)

Lectures and Recitations

  • The course has lectures and recitations.


  • Available to all students (residential and online).

  • Please access the lecture materials in the lecture section of this website.


  • There are two formats: in-person and online.

  • In-person recitations are open to residential students only. In-person recitations will be recorded.

  • Online recitations are open to both residential and online students. Online recitations will not be recorded.

  • You are encouraged to attend at least one recitations per week (either in-person or online). Of course, you are welcome to attend more.

  • Schedule of the recitations can be found in the calendar below.


Face-to-face recitations are limited to residential students. Due to room capacity and social distance requirement, we will partition the class into 4 groups. Please check your mypurdue registration to determine which group you belong to. (If there is any inconsistency, refer to the information posted at mypurdue.)

Session 003-LEC: Last Name A – K: W 3:30-4:20pm: PHYS 223
Session 003-LEC: Last Name L – Z: F 3:30-4:20pm: PHYS 223
Session 001-LEC: Last Name A – L: Tu 3-4:15pm: MSEE B012
Session 001-LEC: Last Name M – Z: Th 3-4:15pm: MSEE B012

The frequency and schedule of in-person meetings are subject to change.

The schedule of the recitations (online and in-person), and also the office hours are as follows.

  • Meeting URLs will be announced in Brightspace.

  • Instructor Name (online): This is an online recitations. Please join us remotely. All residential and online students are welcome.

  • Instructor Name (in-person): This is an in-person meeting. Residential students belonging to that session can join in person. Students who do not belong to the session can access recorded videos later.

  • Office Hour (Instructor Name): This is an online office hour. Please join us remotely.