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Winter 2017 - CEM Impact

The road less traveled: Tegucigalpa to West Lafayette
Nelson Frech (BSCEM '17) came from a family of passionate lawyers and business managers in Honduras, but it was his father’s shift away from retail business and into the real estate industry when he was a child that laid the foundation for a Purdue engineer-to-be. More >
Research seeks to improve electrical infrastructure against weather outages
Researchers at Purdue University are working toward a solution to help minimize risks associated with power outages caused by severe weather events, such as the series of hurricanes this year that devastated several nations. Makarand Hastak, professor and head of CEM, is leading the multidisciplinary team of researchers in a project funded by a $468,851 grant from the National Science Foundation. More >
CEM alum steps in as CEO of startup outside the construction industry
While the majority of alumni find themselves pursuing a professional engineering license in construction, others like Luke Marklin (BSCEM '07) discover their passion for the management and operations side of business right away. In a move skirting the norm for many CEM alumni, Marklin has taken on an executive position outside the construction industry. More >