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Spring 2017 - CEM Impact

CEM presents inaugural Outstanding Alumni Award
With the 40th Anniversary of Construction Engineering and Management coming to a close, there has been no better way to celebrate than to begin a new tradition of selecting one distinguished alum each year to honor with an Outstanding Alumni Award. We are proud to announce that Anne Bigane Wilson (BSCEM 1979) has received Purdue University's first Construction Engineering and Management Outstanding Alumni Award. More >
Undergraduate researches construction on Mars
Have you ever wondered what construction would look like on another planet? CEM student Sadie Argus has spent the last semester thinking about just that. Although only a junior, Argus joined a graduate-level Human Journey to Mars course (AAE 590) this spring, offered through Purdue's School of Aeronautics and Astronautics. More >
Bowen Engineering saves City of West Lafayette $5.5M on interceptor project
The City of West Lafayette has Bowen Engineering and its innovative technical team, including CEM alum Mark Cvetkovich, to thank for a $5.5 million dollar savings on the recently completed interceptor project east of campus. More >