About Aero Assist

Aero Assist is the graduate student organization for the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Purdue University. All graduate students within the School are automatically members. Aero Assist oversees the Research Symposium Series, the Graduate Mentor Program, and helps to keep graduate students in the School up to date with all the important and relevant events and deadlines. Program activities include recreational sports, tailgates, and other activities to improve the graduate student experience in the School. A committee of ten graduate students serves as the leadership team of Aero Assist.

The Aero Assist Constitution (updated on Dec 18, 2019) can be viewed here.

To contact Aero Assist, please e-mail us at aeroassist@ecn.purdue.edu

Aero Assist Executive Board Committee Members for 2020-2021​

Sai Mudumba


MS AAE, 2nd Year; BS AAE from Purdue University

Focus Area: Aerospace Systems (with Thesis Track)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Daniel DeLaurentis

Derek Messer


PhD AAE, 2nd Year; BS ME from University of Toledo

Focus Area: Propulsion

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Steven Son



Graduate Student Mentorship Committee Chair


Rashi Jain

Professional Development/Research Symposium Series Chair

MS AAE; BS from The University of Texas at Arlington

Focus Area: Autonomy and Control with a minor in Astrodynamics and Space Applications

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Dengfeng Sun


Fundraising  Chair



Ali Alkhaleefah

PGSG Senator

PhD AAE; MS Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University

Focus Area: Aerospace Systems

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Karen Marais



Social Committee Chair



Jannuel Cabrera


PhD AAE, 2nd Year; MSAAE from Purdue University; BS aerospace engineering from Syracuse University

Focus area: Astrodynamics and Space Applications

Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Spencer



Previous Aero Assist Executive Board Committees

2016 to 2017 – Executive Board Committee

2013 to 2014 – Executive Board Committee

Leadership Committee 2013-2014

2012 to 2013 – Executive Board Committee


2011 to 2012 – Executive Board Committee and All Committee Members

2010 to 2011 – Executive Board Committee