Welcome to Grad School!

To all the new students unpacking their stuff, registering for classes, and meeting with advisors, welcome!! We’re pretty sure you must be excited about grad school and cannot wait to learn from the best of the best. By now you are probably craving homework, midterms, and “challenging” deadlines (clear signs that you either are a nerd, special , or suffer from Stockholm syndrome) and you ‘re really excited about tomorrow’s AAE Graduate Student Orientation.

Ah, to be young and full of hope.

While we can’t wait to meet you and share with you the realities of life (with a pint in hand), our advise for now is to take advantage of all the free food they offer at the beginning of the semester, to develop an addiction to coffee, and to call your mother at least once a month.

See you tomorrow!!


PS. for all the returning grad students… the undergrads are back. Yaaaaaay…

PS2. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook regularly. There may or may not be pictures of cute puppies.

PS3. FAQ’s coming soon…