2020 got you down? How about a mentor to help you through it?

Hey AAE Grads! AeroAssist is pleased to announce the return of the Mentorship Program. If you’re a new grad student looking to learn from the experience of other AAE grad mentors, sign up for a mentor here: https://purdue.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_efYr22XQN6fhxHv


On the other hand, if you’re a returning grad student looking to pass on your wisdom, consider volunteering to be a mentor and sign up here: https://purdue.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_03rVYm6rwytQnxH

AAE RSS is back!!

AAE Research Symposium is back with more presentations, more cash prizes, and more pizzas. (Well, we count on you for the presentations, but cash prizes and pizzas have already been secured through the generous support of the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics).

The Symposium is a great opportunity to learn about interesting projects going on in the department and share your own research with your peers. It’s also a great occasion to improve your presentation skills and receive feedback. And if that’s not enough to convince you, we have cash prizes available for the best presentations!

See the event details here:  https://engineering.purdue.edu/AeroAssist/?page_id=135

Skating Night at Riverside!

AeroAssist is partnering with the Zucrow Student Association and OMEGA
to host an ice skating event next Friday, February 14th! It will be
held at the Riverside Skating Center here in West Lafayette. The ice
skating rink will only be open to those attending the event (closed to
the public), and it will be from 10pm-midnight.

Check your email for the signup link. Hope to see you there!

🙂 Your AeroAssist Execs

It’s almost Friday!!

And we’re going to party hard with TWO events!!

3:30 pm – We’re celebrating the Lunar New Year (Spring Festival) at the Wood Commons – Lyles School of Civil Engineering

8:00 pm – We’re meeting prospective students at THE PINT in West Lafayette! We’re going to drink! water, that is!! ; )

Take a much needed break from midterms and join us this Friday!!!

AeroAssist : )


New Survival Guide!!

So for all the newbies, we are sharing with you the PPT presented during the graduate student orientation!! It may or may not contain the following:

  • Useful links regarding transportation, campus resources, and regulations.
  • Dates and descriptions of the cool events AeroAssist arranges.
  • Pictures of baby pandas.
  • The answer to life, the universe, and everything else.

Just click here :  AeroAssist Survival Guide

You won’t regret it.

Also fyi, this website’s calendar has been updated, so if you feel lazy enough to not read all those lovely emails we constantly bombard you with, you can just click there and… you know… link our google calendar to your phone/ipad/computer/calculator/microwave. No pressure.

Again, welcome to grad school!!

PS. For all the grad students who are done with taking classes, good for you!! Now flaunt your freedom to everyone you know, and enjoy watching all the new students cry during finals 😀

Welcome to Grad School!

To all the new students unpacking their stuff, registering for classes, and meeting with advisors, welcome!! We’re pretty sure you must be excited about grad school and cannot wait to learn from the best of the best. By now you are probably craving homework, midterms, and “challenging” deadlines (clear signs that you either are a nerd, special , or suffer from Stockholm syndrome) and you ‘re really excited about tomorrow’s AAE Graduate Student Orientation.

Ah, to be young and full of hope.

While we can’t wait to meet you and share with you the realities of life (with a pint in hand), our advise for now is to take advantage of all the free food they offer at the beginning of the semester, to develop an addiction to coffee, and to call your mother at least once a month.

See you tomorrow!!


PS. for all the returning grad students… the undergrads are back. Yaaaaaay…

PS2. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook regularly. There may or may not be pictures of cute puppies.

PS3. FAQ’s coming soon…

Aero Assist Tshirts – deadline: September 12.

Need more black shirts? Aero Assist t-shirts are now available for sale.

The shirts are $15. Please deliver money to the Aero Assist treasurer, Alden Black (alden.black.1@purdue.edu) prior to  September 12th (when we’ll place the order).

Fill out the following form to place your order. Note: your shirt won’t be ordered until Alden has your money burning a hole in his pocket. Get on it!

Here’s a sneak peek at what will be on the shirt.

The front:

Shirt front

The back:Shirt back