Two-phase Flow

Objective Flow Regime Identification for Inclined Two-Phase Flows

Experiments and machine learning applications for flow regime identification

Separate effects of inclination on two-phase flow

Experiments and analysis of changing body force direction on two-phase flows

Identification of Plug Bubbles by Segmentation of Images using a Residual Neural Network

Development of a method of bubble identification using a neural network

Horizontal Bubbly Two-Phase Flow with Flow Restrictions

Analysis of pressure drop and interfacial area transport for horizontal two-phase flow through different elbows.

Large Diameter Horizontal Two-Phase Flow

Experiments and analysis on the scalability of horizontal two-phase closure relations

Two-Phase Flow in Combinatorial Flow Channels

Experimental studies to understand the effect of flow restrictions on two-phase flow and associated dynamic models.

Spacer Grid Separate Effects

Fundamental experiments on the separate effects of rob bundle geometry on two-phase thermal-hydraulics.

Spacer Grid Thermal Hydraulics Program

Fundamental experiments of rob bundle thermal-hydraulics for system codes in the Nuclear Industry.

Small Diameter Horizontal Two-Phase Flow

Experiments and analysis of horizontal two-phase flow for multi-phase computational fluid dynamic benchmarking.