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Flow Regime Classification Using Orientation-Independent Layered Spectral Clustering

One-Dimensional Drift Flux Analysis of Bubbly Flows in Horizontal and Inclined-Upward Orientations

RGB Mapping: A Dynamic Approach for Flow Pattern Identification and Classification

A Novel Friction Factor Model for Wire-Wrapped Rod Bundles

Evaluation of Computational Fluid Dynamic Models for Bubbly Two-Phase Flows in Inclined Upward Orientations

Evaluation of Pressure Drop Models for 7-Pin Wire-wrapped Rod Bundles

Flow Regime Identification for Inclined Two-phase Flows using Machine Learning

A New Concept for Irradiation Experiments in Fast-Reactor Environment: CFD Simulation of the LBE Loop in HYST

Frequency of Plug/Slug Bubbles in Horizontal Air-Water Two-Phase Flow

CFD Simulation of the LBE Loop in the Hybrid Fast and Thermal Subcritical Testbed