Research Project Topics


Objective Flow Regime Identification for Inclined Two-Phase Flows

Experiments and machine learning applications for flow regime identification

Wire-Wrapped Rod Bundle Experiments and Pressure Drop Modeling

Wire-wrapped rod bundles are often proposed for advanced nuclear reactors operating in a fast neutron spectrum, as designers seek to minimize neutron scattering by tightly packing the fuel pins into a hexagonal lattice.

Separate effects of inclination on two-phase flow

Experiments and analysis of changing body force direction on two-phase flows

Experimental Study and CFD Design Tool Development for the Cartridge Loop in the Versatile Test Reactor (VTR)

Scaling analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics analysos of the Versatile Test Reactor

Hybrid Subcritical Testbed (HYST) Facility Design and Data Analysis

Purdue is assisting Niowave, Inc in the design and analysis of a new test faciliy

Jet Impingement Model Evaluation and Development

Analysis of non-conservatisms in exisiting jet impingement models

Identification of Plug Bubbles by Segmentation of Images using a Residual Neural Network

Development of a method of bubble identification using a neural network

Experiments for the Development of TRACE with Interfacial Area Transport Models

Developing a database of local two-phase flow parameters for development of interfacial area transport models.

Horizontal Bubbly Two-Phase Flow with Flow Restrictions

Analysis of pressure drop and interfacial area transport for horizontal two-phase flow through different elbows.

Large Diameter Horizontal Two-Phase Flow

Experiments and analysis on the scalability of horizontal two-phase closure relations

Objective Flow Regime Identification via Ultrasound

Analysis using ultrasonic signal and Symbolic Dynamic Filtering (SDF) to determine the flow structure.

Two-Phase Flow in Combinatorial Flow Channels

Experimental studies to understand the effect of flow restrictions on two-phase flow and associated dynamic models.

Spacer Grid Separate Effects

Fundamental experiments on the separate effects of rob bundle geometry on two-phase thermal-hydraulics.

Spacer Grid Thermal Hydraulics Program

Fundamental experiments of rob bundle thermal-hydraulics for system codes in the Nuclear Industry.

Small Diameter Horizontal Two-Phase Flow

Experiments and analysis of horizontal two-phase flow for multi-phase computational fluid dynamic benchmarking.

Air-Ingress in VHTR

Investigations on the postualated Depressurized Loss of Forced Circulation event for the Very High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactors (VHTR).