ART Research presented at NURETH-20

Photo Credit: ANS

At the 2023 ANS Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, IN, several members of ART presented their research.

David Kang presented two summaries, entitled “Flow Regime Classification Using Orientation-Independent Layered Spectral Clustering” and “RGB Mapping: A Dynamic Approach for Flow Pattern Identification and Classification”

Adam Dix presented a “One-Dimensional Drift Flux Analysis of Bubbly Flows in Horizontal and Inclined-Upward Orientations”, on behalf of co-authors ART alum Dr. Drew Ryan and Dr. Seungjin Kim

Seungjin Kim
Seungjin Kim
Capt. James McCarthy, Jr. and Cheryl E. McCarthy Head and Professor of Nuclear Engineering

My interests include thermal-hydraulics, reactor safety, two-phase flow experiments and instrumentation, interfacial area tranport modeling.