SEDS is for anyone interested in space!

We have three primary missions:

1. Conduct outreach events that raise awareness of the importance and value of space in our everyday lives and promote students of all ages to pursue careers in the space industry.

2. Develop members technical experience through work on technical projects such as the Purdue Hybrid rocket project and USLI.

3. Partake in social activities such as movie nights and rocket launch BBQs as often as possible to promote interaction and communication among members.

We welcome all majors and ages! No previous experience or knowledge required: just an interest in promoting space while having fun.

Meet The Team

Meet our executive board. More info coming soon :)

Ethan Kayser

PresidentEmail: kayser@purdue.edu
Ethan's favorite spacecraft is the X-wing from Star Wars. Ethan also enjoys (insert one fun fact) extreme sports and the rush of adventure.

Nathaniel Thomas

Vice PresidentEmail: thoma390@purdue.edu
Nathaniel's favorite spacecraft is the Rangers from Interstellar. Nathaniel also enjoys writing with illustrious fountain pens.

Matt Bolliger

SecretaryEmail: mbollige@purdue.edu
Matt's favorite spacecraft is the Nyx class Super Carrier from EVE. Matt enjoys playing guitar and rock climbing in his spare time.

Kyle Nicholson

TreasurerEmail: nichol64@purdue.edu
Kyle's favorite spacecraft is the Milano from Guardians of the Galaxy. Kyle also loves to play the guitar.

Fouad Khoury

National RepresentativeEmail: fkhoury@purdue.edu
Fouad's favorite spacecraft is the USS Enterprise from Star Trek, but failed to specify which one. Is it A,B,C,D,E? Which one is it!!

Christopher Nilsen

Technical DirectorEmail: cnilsen@purdue.edu
Insert fun facts about this person right here. This space must occupy at least two lines so the pictures even out.

John Kircher

Outreach DirectorEmail: jkircher@purdue.edu
Insert fun facts about this person right here. This space must occupy at least two lines so the pictures even out.

Hannah Hodgson

Social DirectorEmail: hhodgson@purdue.edu
Hannah's favorite space ship is the flying saucers from 'Mars Attacks!'. Hannah has a love for backpacking and skiing.

Timothy Bishop

WebmasterEmail: bishop20@purdue.edu
Timothy's favorite spacecraft is the X-70B Phantom from Star Wars: The Old Republic. Timothy also eats, sleep, raves, repeats.